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My mistress pegs me!

Can I let you in on a little secret? I love it when my mistress pegs my ass! I’m a sissy guy in my late 30’s and have been seeing mistress for 5 years now, Things started off a little tame light bondage, spanking etc and as I became more comfortable with her i started telling her about my fantasies and my ultimate one was to have her deep in my bum with her strapon, She told me if I continued to obey her and do as I’m told then she might reward me if and when ever she likes. The fist time she pegged my ass she did it with out warning boy it was good being bent over the bench my cock hard and her deep inside me, I must admit it being my first time it hurt a little but I soon got over that. Im still with the same mistress and she continues to peg my ass for her own perverse pleasure when ever she pleases and I know that you guys too could find the ultimate woman who isnt afraid to go deep inside you! I met my mistress here at pegging contacts believe it or not and eve since I joined the site more mistress’s have joined too.

Take the plunge don’t keep your kinks and fantasies hidden, We all live once so why not enjoy it? Find yourself your very own mistress who would love nothing more than to peg you ass with her trusty strapon. To be part of this fetish community wont cost you a penny which is a bonus as many fetish sites out there charge a bomb. With so many hot mistresses available you can be enjoying your own pegging sex meets asap. Take it from me guys pegging is the most enjoyable experience of my life and I know once you have that strapon deep inside you, You too will be hooked and gagging for you next taste of it.

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